Welcome to the MEDISPRING website. MEDISPRING is software for DMI that is run as a cooperative

Data from consultations, results from specialists or laboratories, mail, archives, managing medication, eAttest, eHealth, RSW, interactions with paramedic staff. Whether we like it or not, as doctors, the tool we work with most is our medical software: it is to a doctor what a spade is to a gardener. Don’t leave this in the hands of just anyone: let’s take control of our own IT future!

We have been working hard to ensure that, by the autumn of 2018, we will be able to offer a DMI that meets the criteria of certification and which is intuitive, modern, cooperative, long-lasting and multiplatform. This will allow you to migrate 100% of data from all other software. It will quickly become multidisciplinary, tailored to meet the needs of specialists and will be compatible with other medical software programs (data migration).

It is our pleasure to introduce you to what we feel is a thrilling and unifying project.

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Medispring will be available by November 2018